Do you support ODBC?

Yes, we fully support reading and writing from/to ODBC connections.

You can select a saved DSN (file or system) or specify your own connection string. That said, if the database you have is directly supported in our application, do not use ODBC - use the native connection. ODBC drivers can be buggy, slow or both. With native connections you get advantage of highly specific work we have done to take advantage of each database's specifics for maximum performance and reliability.

Please note that bitness of our application has to match bitness of your ODBC driver. If you have 32-bit ODBC connection, you must launch 32-bit application, as 64-bit one won't be able to load that driver. The opposite is true as well, of course.

Crash in ODBC driver will bring down our application with it and that is another reason to avoid ODBC if our application has native (direct) support for your database.

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